Poisonous Love

beaten down
yelled at
stomped over
all by your harsh words
slashing me
scarring me right inside my heart
you gave up on us
the day you decided to disrespect me
so I give up on us as well

why stay with someone that believes in chains
I was a free bird that you had the desire to keep as a pet
I was someone you lusted over
wanted to shape me into what you saw as acceptable
little did you know,
I rise after I fall
I don’t stay on the ground forever
and the day I stood up
you lost the battle

so today I chose my future, my health
over the toxic mess you created us to be in
and I won’t be fallen into
the unnecessary noise behind me that keeps shunning me
our end is MY liberation
it’s time we end this poison we think is love



Photo Credit:
Lanaya    @writing.for.the.calm