Perception’s Deception

a poem by Perception’s Deception

Reality is painted by Picasso, not Monet-
Distorted images visible in their own way;

Yet, all that’s seen and perceived as being
Is what filters through our self-constructed scenes.
Presentations of gifted indoctrinations have blatant sanctions
Against all nations whose representation include citizen-agents;

Yet, all that matters is whose attack musters enough backers-
Homogenous actors posing as education’s finest professors.

Photographed vanity forms virtually every formal philosophy
In this day and age of feigned anger and misery.
Skewed views of refuge used to confuse the abused
Paralyze the wise by highlighting lies as truth in disguise.
In this world of self-righteous students today,
People are learning to spin every word we say.
But in the end, truth prevails- we will see;
So until then, practice thinking independently, free.

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