Parallel Universe

It’s imperative to remember
that you will never find
something you do not seek.
How utterly sad that many people
take childhood’s curiosity
and chain it in a dungeon,
heavy and bound,
yearning to resurface.

Why do we stop believing that anything is possible?
We lose the zealous abandon of our youth
with a frightening quickness, sometimes overnight.
One day we rise from a dreamless sleep,
our adventure whisked out the the window with the wind.

Like the wild shock of a white rose
or a cat with two different colored eyes,
we cross over to a different world.
You know, it is possible to search
for holes between each universe,
so we may fluidly pass back and forth between them.
Then, we may always build new dreams
and stay as far away as we can,
from the misery of indifference.




Photo Credit: Alisha Martorella-Smith