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They said, “Yes to the dress.” I said, “It’s Cool.”

I kept feeling like I wasn’t doing it right! I was walking out of this consignment shop with a gorgeous dress for 1/4 of the budget we put aside and I wasn’t excited like the women I always see on TV. I was happy. Relieved to knock it off of my checklist. Continue reading They said, “Yes to the dress.” I said, “It’s Cool.”

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Sometimes The Darkness Is Our Lantern


Life experiences encompass of multitudes of trial and error. In this world of growth, we become a speckle, a drop of water which falls from the tap. Sometimes this drop goes straight into the dark tunnel and through to the other side. Or, sometimes, we are that drop which when it reaches to land, deviates away. There are two things that can happen. The drop which takes the path of going through the dark tunnel actually uses this darkness as its lantern. It faces its darkness, both internally and externally and is ready to face the light (at the end of the tunnel) with its own light. But this may not always be the case. This drop may get stuck in the tunnel, and as a consequence may allow the darkness to overwhelm it. What can this do? This can cause the drop to become bitter. In the other scenario of where the drop deviates from the tunnel, it is actually deviating from its darkness, going with the flow. It allows itself to be swept along the current, facing life without actually facing its wrongs. Is this healthy? Of course, it is not. But, it is reality for many to choose the path of ignoring their darkness and refusing change.

Sometimes the darkness is our lantern. But it all depends on how brightly we choose to light this lantern if we choose to light it at all.

Written by: Soshinie Singh


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#urbanBW: we can start with the treasure hunt!

Walking through the streets of the city, curiously, you can see the binary rhythm of black/white that runs through the daily live of people.

The rhythm pulsates through the sidewalks, the stones underneath the trees, the asphalt and the crosswalks, the lampposts, cars, and tanks.

It’s and excellent exercise for our pencils and pens on a paper sheet, to observe how life around us influences what we’re going to draw.

Continue reading #urbanBW: we can start with the treasure hunt!

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“20/20” Poem by J. Bright Jr.

Light pierces through my pupils

The seeds from which I see

I close my lids

And envision 20/20

Picture perfect

A perfect picture

You and I

Like lens and eye

Like white and dye

Like blue and sky

We subside

And fly

Into the dusk. 


IG: thatguywhowrote

Featured Image: Christopher Buzelli 

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The Rescue

Appreciate the fact that you are breathing“, you say.
I don’t respond. I am gasping for air beneath my tears. You seem concerned and confused as to how to handle my breakdown. In this situation, we exchange roles from you trying to soothe my shivering body to me consoling you; nodding my head, barely managing an “I’ll be fine.” We both know that fine will not come soon.
On days like these I do not need your logic. I need the warmth in your hands and your chest to remind me that I’m not just “breathing” alone. I need your eyes to convey your love into mine. I need your understanding, not your replies. God sometimes sends people to us when we are drowning, you stand close and unsure of how to offer your hand. Simply open your arms. I will retreat into them, unravel my self back into fragile skin to fill them. Tell me that you are here to pull me back ashore. Stay holding me long after these tears run dry.

– Samihah Pargas

– Instagram : @Shadesofherink

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Bin Laden’s Niece

Curry Smelling
Bin Laden’s niece

“You better say sorry for what your people did”
“Your dad creates bombs at home”
“Why do you guys like to kill us”

Classroom filled with devious kids
burnt any innocence I had left in me
its where I met my friend depression
where my self-esteem ripped like pencil shavings

But Ammi and Abboo
they needed school
they needed me to go to school
so I could be successful

So their trip to America is worth it.