Night Sweats

Here I am on a day
I assumed would be lovely.
Now I know that you are
never too old to be taken a
fool by life, the fantasy unveiled,
sort of like when you can’t
find your blankets during the night,
left shuddering, locked
in the depths of your mind,
drenched in sweat
from your nightmares.
But, among the heartache,
I scour the remains
and find some good in all of this.
In the moments I am alone,
with just me and my thoughts,
I fall hard into weakness.
I desperately try not to stay in the pit.
I decide that I have the power
to look at this moment
as a massive turning point.
Because of this,
I know I can be myself,
I know happiness is possible–
I can be strong enough
to live a life I choose.
Photo Credit: Lanaya
IG: @writing.for.the.calm