The New Birth of Abstract


I have collected all my insecurities and placed them in Petri dishes. I stare at them on occasion when I want to remember who I am. Maybe I look back at them to remember who I have become? At this point in the experiment, everything sort of just blends together.

It is kind of frantic to think this way. Whatever way that is. I guess it isn’t anything. An afterthought of sorts. I ponder about how I have evolved. It scares me. If you think back to your evolution, just take a moment. How much have you grown? Have you exceeded your expectations? I pray you have.

Alas, as I edge closer to my mental collapse I can only hope that this is my moment of clarity. At this moment the 4th wall falls and I see the multiple ladders of ones and zeros. When that moment comes all thoughts of yesteryear will wash away like after birth.

That will be my emergence from self.

That will be my birthday.