Natural Phenomenon by Lyn Patterson

Your hands softly run down my collarbone
as I drink you up, you give me new energy.
You sense my eagerness and quench my appetite
with kisses,
nourishing the longing that intense desire can create.

Your lips press gently against mine
And I turn into a pool, splashing with uncontrollable enthusiasm.
You restore my sexual consciousness and revitalize me
as your tongue
stimulates, and dampness turns to saturation.

The warmth of your skin moves along my torso
And I flow like a river, melting but exhilarated.
You travel downhill fueled with anticipation and ready to devour me.
Using hands,
you release my appetite for lustful satisfaction.

Now your forefinger lingers as you part my thighs,
I’m fully immersed in the lake of your pleasure, revived.
You cover me with affection and embrace me with sensuality.
Your nose tickles.
My flesh is unraveling with vulnerability.

Your essence is as exuberant as moonlight on my skin.
The full tide rises, waves of passion crash against my deepest fantasies.
I surge, I swell, undulating as you take me in wholly.
The depth of you,
the gravitational pull is a natural phenomenon.


Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash