Nakeysha’s Science Story—The Story Collider— CONCERN: STORIES ABOUT BEING WORRIED

Nakeysha, our creative director and infamous introvert, tells a story on The Story Collider stage in March 2019 at Caveat NYC. This show was produced by cool people PAULA CROXSON and TRACY ROWLAND.

Nakeysha is also a producer for The Story Collider, Milwaukee.


The Story Collider believes that now, more than ever, science is a part of everyone’s lives. We believe that everyone has a story about how science has impacted them — whether they’re physicists or comedians, neuroscientists or writers, geologists or cops, doctors or bartenders — and that those stories, whether heartbreaking or hilarious, have the power to transform the way we think about science and whom it belongs to.

Because of these beliefs, it’s our mission to collect these stories from as many different voices as possible and to help these storytellers develop their stories so they can connect with a wide and varied audience. We strive to make our shows and our podcast accessible and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

NYC March with the Story Collider team right before an epic karaoke session.