She spoke mystery into his ears

As they dwell on how things have changed over the years

She spoke of the time they first laid eyes on each other, like witnessing magic for the first time

She spoke of all the moments that he made her feel like she was the perfect dime

She spoke about the mixtures of feelings she felt every time they kissed

How her world felt such a complete bliss

and how every inch of her body felt a cold shivering electrifying sensation as every strand of hair spiked up of joy

She spoke about the first time she cried for him

How she saw her love go so dim

She spoke about the time,

he kissed her neck slowly and told her “you will forever be mine”

She spoke, and her eyes watered, about the first time he said the words

The words that made it all complete

And as he just looked back into her eyes

Thinking about how much time had gone by

He also relived all those moments she spoke of

As they felt like it was just yesterday they had met

He spoke to her about how far they let, their love take them

And just in that moment, he grabbed her by hand

He built up the courage to proceed with his plan

He dropped on one knee

As a symbol for her to see

That without her one second he could not be

She spoke mystery into his ears

When she answered his question with a yes as her eyes drowned with tears.