Musing of a Brown Girl


before I knew about blood I learnt that
skinning potatoes is all in the wrist
especially if your hands are weak
and onions should be rinsed in water
if you don’t want to cry (which apparently means your mother in law does not like you).
Abba enjoys tomatoes in his dish
but they are too acidic
a bit of sugar sprinkled over them
before they’re added does the trick
“My place” was in the kitchen
instead of the outside (because fresh air is too dangerous for a girl after she’s 7).
and the man of my future
would love that I cook.
before I discarded childhood
along with those rotten dhanya leaves
before I became a woman
I was trained into a wife.

A woman’s hands never burn.” (in the kitchen of course)

but mine burn
they burn every single time.


Samihah Pargas: Instagram @ShadesOfHerInk

Photo Credit: Instagram @DupattaDiaries