Too Much to Face Tomorrow

For us it’s a dream
just to make it to
the next day,

with at least
one door on the
hinges and a crumb
of bread on our
styrofoam plates,

not thinking about
the environment
because we’re too
focused on survival,

with death waiting
on our arrival at
every corner where
some strive for their
come up,

dealing & selling all
of their future plans,
sliding hands against those
of the next woman &
man to get closer to
their master plan,

that’s never finished
or replenished or
forgiven, just manned
by a band of them
who break up when
there’s a screw up,

throwing bodies in vans,
turning guns sideways
to prove a point on
Thursdays in broad daylight
near the MARTA train,
blowing brains out from the
neck up,

quality of life check-up,
but you’re dead & the
community is scared to
ever stitch a snitch up,

then next minute another
stick up with our
fists up saluting power to
the people while praying
our kids get up, stand up

for the right to live
& sometimes we steal
that from our sister or
our brother because
waking up is blasphemy
so we take our realities
out on our neighbors,

but I guess that this is
what it pays to dream in
America & still be a slave
to what caves in on us

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