Scene: A cool winter night, a guy leaning against a balcony railing overlooking the water, with a lit cigarette in hand

“There’s mistakes and then there’s you” he thought. “It was like getting on a train you know was gonna crash, but were praying for a miracle. You are some combination of my best decision and biggest regret” he said to himself. He felt crazy, talking to himself. But the thoughts had been swimming around in his head for weeks, and finally found their way to his lips. He was thankful for meeting her that fateful day at Yankee stadium when she bumped into him and spilled her beer all over his jersey. She looked up at him after and had this half smile and quickly apologized, and offered to buy him a drink to make up for spilling hers on him. He remembers how they got to talking and wound up wandering around the city afterwards. The conversation didn’t stop, they wound up back here, on this very balcony having coffee watching the sun rise together. She warned him of her nomadic nature, she never stayed in one place too long. They kissed in that cliche movie type scene as the sun was coming up. The next few weeks were a whirlwind, picture perfect time. He was falling hard for her, and she for him. He remembered the exact moment he fell for her. She was eating pasta and had sauce on her chin, he pointed it out, and rather than wipe it with a napkin, she used a piece of bread and then proceeded to eat it, he knew in that moment that he was in love.
She pushed him to follow his passions, which led to opportunities he never would have had before. She warned him about how everything she owns could fit in the back of her car, how she was built to move. How she had picked up and moved to new cities on a whim. But he thought this was different, he could see it in her eyes. A few months went by and things seemed great, but at least once a week she’d repeat her warning. She felt herself getting attached and began withdrawing. One day he woke, and she had left, without a trace, not even a note. All that was left was the ring he got her for her birthday, sitting on his desk. He spent the day going to the places she’d frequent, hoping she was still somewhere to be found. He couldn’t believe it, but he also realized she had been warning him of this the whole time. He thought he could be the exception, thought that was the love he had been searching for his whole life. Maybe it was, he felt things he never had before with her. He was finally happy because he was doing what he loved. None of this would have been possible without her, but this pain of knowing that she wouldn’t be there to share this happiness with tore him apart. He questioned if he was better off before her, living in ignorance of her existence, one where he never took the chances, where he didn’t know what true love felt like and he was ok with that. To have that taste and then have it taken away, it would have been better to have never loved at all. He takes a drag, and looks around, wondering if she’ll ever come back around.