Missed Opportunity for Love

Everyone knows him
And what he wants
As soon as he enters
the bar.

Whiskey on the rocks,
And not that cheap stuff either!

He spends hours here
Going home
To desolation
and silence.

The only noise there
Is the
Soundless hum of a
Ceiling fan
Covered in dust
And disappointment.

He doesn’t want to savor
The twinges
Of loneliness that sneak up
His throat
Pouring out as
Chest heaving sobs
He is unable to control
But welcomes
With his open arms
And heart.

It brings him comfort to relish
In the pain he feels
Since she left
Numb to anything else
But the emptiness
Of living without her
Spirited laugh
And eyes that he could
Gaze into
For an eternity.