Miriam Otto: The Writer on a Journey

an interview by Arthur Jackson V

I was honored to have the chance to get to know Miriam Otto, “Poetess & artist” as reads her Instagram. She is a creative that likes to keep busy. She is a collaborator in Voices of Poets and The Muser Square, and also working on , and published books of her own. She is a creator on a journey, this is what informs her work and her soul. Something she said in our interview stood out as so profound to me (it was a bit of advice given to her, that I’d like to pass along to other writers reading this interview) “Don’t write for the masses. Write for the one soul whose heart you will move.”

Now, dive into the mind of this Poetess with me.

GUA: What was your journey like putting together &
publishing your first book? Can you tell me a bit
about it?

A Night Under The Shooting Star

MO: I had the luck that I was asked to be a part of an Indian
poetry community called „The Muser Square“ two years
back. They started to publish their own anthologies as
paper and kindle books when I joined them. So it
happened that I immediately jumped into all the wonderful
projects and became author, editor and compiler at the
very same time. We all learned a lot during this time. And
I’ve asked many poets exactly the very same question
you’re asking me now: “What is the journey like?” This
helped me a lot to prepare for my solo book trip. The best
answer I got and still hold in my heart is: “Don’t write for
the masses. Write for the one soul whose heart you will


I was connected to a bunch of like-minded and

creative artists. And this made my way
to my solo book much more easy. You need definitely a
small tribe of artist or friends who are with you. This is
especially true for myself.
So step by step I did my way to my solo book within less
than two years.
I started with anthologies which means that you find
different poets in one book.
Then finally, I packed my stuff to follow my journey to my
debut book last summer. And I must say that I really
enjoyed the process.

GUA: I feel that often as poets we don’t write with the
intention of putting together a book, but, we look up
one day and have a collection.

MO: And yes! You are so right. We don‘t often write with this
intention. Yes, it was more like a longing and invisible fire
and a force which pulled me to my book like a magnet.
Furthermore, I love the art of creating.
Sometimes I feel, I have to write, I want to write, I need to
write. That it is THE thing which I came here to do.
My new book will be on the
market in around two or three month.

GUA: What have you learned about yourself through your

MO: My poems are journeys to myself. I come closer to my
longings and wishes through penning down my thoughts.
And I often find answers for myself through writing and
journaling. With words I soothe and calm my heart, let go
of fears or sorrows. I often come up with solutions or
positive words for myself. It feels like I clear my head and
rearrange my thoughts.
Furthermore, I have found an easy access to my inner
worlds with vivid pictures I can share with others.
And finally I would say that I learned that I have an
immense healing capacity. Through my poetry I find
alchemical solutions and transform negative emotions or
fears into something good. Into something that helps me.
Maybe converting them into a new strength.

GUA: What inspired you to start Voices of Poets? What
does it mean to you?
MO:Our community Voices of Poets is inspired by an idea I
had with two poet friends.
We did it the other way round. First we created a book –
and to be precise we are still creating it. It will be about an
anthology with 26 amazing poets from around the world.
And then we have woven a community around it. My

partners are Theindieshe from India and Benson known
as Benzapah. He is from Africa‘s Nigeria. So we are from
three different continents, because I come from Europe.
The main reason why we started Voices of Poets is
We wanted to give people a voice. Especially artists and
poets. And encourage them that their words matter.
I personally love to get to know new poets, get inspired
through their words and give regularly live readings.
Through this I dive deeper into other words, melodies and
the meaning of a poem. And the creativity the poetry
carries within.

GUA: You often write about your life‘s journeys, what is the
most inspiring journey you had?

Walking the dunes of Egypt

MO: My most inspiring journey is the one into Egypt’s desert
five years ago. When I returned from this expedition I
started to put my poetry and travel dreams out there
and share my thoughts with the world. So this journey into
this vast and barren land, reduced to a minimum of
colours and distraction had a great impact on my artist‘s
This trip went along the longest dune of the world with a
real caravan and nothing more than a tent and your own
feet. And of course: Enough food and water. There was
nothing out there. Simply nothing. Only that what you
brought with you. The next villages have been hours
away. There was no phone or internet connection. We

orientated ourselves via GPS and carried one radio
phone with us. There were no other animals except our
camels. And with this luckily no snakes and no scorpions
either, no bush, no gras, no green. Because scorpions
and snakes also need food. There was nothing but the
sand which finds its way in every corner of your tent or
your clothes or your underwear or your teeth. There was
no way to escape. Even the blue sky was every day the
After returning I suddenly wrote poems again, made them
public through my blog and later via Instagram and
brought them step by step to a larger audience.

GUA: Sometimes creating can be like math, in the way
that we are always asking or trying to answer a
question? Do you find that in your work?

MO: This is a very good question. I never thought about it in
this way.
Writing is for me like creating melodies. Another form of
This is especially true for me as I love to speak the poems
to the tunes my husband creates.
I love to combine all senses and dip them with my words
into the colours.
And yeees! I often have questions in my mind, I want and
need to answer.

more work by Miriam

GUA: What questions are you asking?

MO: My favourite question is about my life‘s journey and my path and reason here on this earth. Also how I can live my talents and art in a better and more intensive way.
Through writing I find answers for everyday life. I get clear
about my feelings and thoughts. So, sometimes it is just a
conversation with myself. Or it allows me to dive into my
inner worlds full of vivid images and stories. It feels like
traveling into my very own fairy tales, because my mind
occasionally looks like a painted picture book from the
inside. Writing and words are for me like a bridge on
which I can walk and reach these fantastic worlds.
Through journaling I get a very easy connection to my
intuition and my inner and wise part.
Thanks so much for the wonderful and amazing questions
and having me with you. I felt very inspired through your
words. It was an honour and pleasure for me talking to

You can follow along with Miriams journeys here:

Insta: @Miriamo77 Insta: @ VoicesOfPoets

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