Meditative Creation with Artist Jonny Troisi

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Artist’s Statement:

I’ve been interested in art since I was young, but I always thought “I can’t compete with other creatives”. In 2007, I felt like I was going nowhere fast so I decided to go back to school for graphic design. After graduating top of my class, I quickly learned I didn’t like freelance work. However, while in school I was always drawn to creating logos, posters, and other print designs. This new endeavor led me to start my own clothing company, where I use the skills that I learned in school to create marketing and clothing designs.


In 2012, I decided to try painting. Instantly, I fell in love with it! While painting I enjoyed the meditative feeling of being in the moment while creating. Painting is my way of shutting out the rest of the world and exploring my inner self as one does with mindfulness meditation.

From 2012 to 2015, I worked on my technique and concentrated on finding my voice as an artist. I couldn’t wait to get in front of my next canvas and explore new ideas and methods! Subsequently, learning that it is not necessarily about the destination, but the journey where one learns the most.

As an artist, I understand it’s not just about a painting but about the business of art as well. In addition to trying to make a living as an artist, I also want to give back to my community by donating my art to help make a difference in the world. At the moment, I am living in Laurel Springs, NJ. I just began collaboration with a non-profit animal shelter in Philly called ACCT Philly in which I donate the profits from the sale of a new painting. I’m really looking forward to seeing the response to that in the next few days.

My creative process usually consists of either starting with visual of how I want the finished piece to look or a title of a painting. I then begin creating a painting based on that idea. Sometimes I just like to let the painting happen, and I begin creating on a canvas, allowing creation to guide me.  It is as though art is flowing through me without a conscious decision of how I intend the finished piece to look.  Painting, for me, is a meditative experience. I get into a state of flow, and the art comes alive! I usually paint in acrylics on either a cotton canvas or a gessobord. Recently, I began mixing alcohol ink with acrylics which has allowed me to create unique and beautiful paintings.

You can find more of Jonny Toisi’s work at the locations listed below.