Maybe by Bunny Writer

A friends of  Genre: Urban Arts family recently had a book release party for her novel entitled Maybe.

A word from author Bunny Writer aka on IG as @bunnywriter:

Maybe is indeed like a roller coaster because of the sudden turns it takes. It is fast paced, easy to read and entertaining but still quite deep and challenging at times. It has two parts: 45 chapters and 33 steps and it follows this soulful blabbering of a Moses-like character out of its own Egypt, all throughout its own desert until it finally reaches home. It is a fictional story based on pieces of life I have witnessed over the years in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It speaks about love, death, politics, mistakes, confusion and in its essence. It bears the following message: Be! No matter how lost, hurt or hurtful life makes us, as long as we break the chains of ‘maybe,’ we can find peace.

Support the arts and go purchase Maybe