a poem by Melis Gordem

in the flower garden

where your love resides within these April buds.

where your bruised lips curls up with an understanding smile.

where your scarf covers the tangled lies you call your hair.

in the flower garden

where your wanderlust has been caught in between the vines and thorns.

where the city does not sleep; gathers and mourns for you.

where i plant poppies near your velvet-embellished home.

in the flower garden

where we split like the Sea so red.

where we stared at each other’s eyes so tenderly.

where you kissed your knuckles before they kissed my lips.

in the flower garden

this forbidden acre i create with my hands made of silk.

this forgotten place where i seek safety within your arms full of daffodils.

this ephemeral home that erupts lilacs every time i visit to illustrate you.

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