I love how that Jazz plays…

she told me
that i reminded her
of free form jazz
a little avant-garde
no note like the last

i said, “baby,
you know i’m cool
like the dark side of the moon
like a snowman
carrying an icebox
whistling a Coltrane tune”

so i played
my trumpet
and boy did she swoon
a love supreme
her and i
those notes bounced
across the room
like chocolate

she could taste it
in the moment
she never did admit it
i could tell by
her expression
and the way her hips
would pivot

we danced all night
and into the break of day
and when i woke
she surprised me
and placed my hand on her waist

she said,
“you must be imaginary
you made me feel
some type of way
the way you move that trumpet
boy i love
how that jazz plays”

-J.Bright Jr.

Art by: Palmer Hayden