Love and Hope (the Ultimate Rebellion)

A poem I wrote about the same time as the shootings at the Christchurch Mosques were taking place, unbeknownst by me, of course. They happened down South, whereas I am more Northern, but the tragedy has greatly affected me as it has all New Zealand and all the world.

My poem was dwelling on my own battles with anxiety and how I have overcome them, in a way, but I feel it is fitting for this current situation we find ourselves in now, as well.
Love and Hope (the Ultimate Rebellion)

I have filled my life with meaning,
I have no void, no Nothing anymore,
because I have created Something.
Family, art, and friendship…

I have seen the abyss, I’ve touched the depths,
I swept that floor clean to see what was
beneath but all I felt was a cold hard
firmament beneath my feet.
I looked up, looked down, I took it all in
everything around…

for some reason, I smile now
thinking of that and how
in the pits of hopelessness, I found
a reason to exist,
an excuse for being, toward death, sure
there is no escaping, I can already hear
that bell ring
but I will not dread what I can’t comprehend

so for Now, the Ultimate Rebellion.