Living an Optimal Life: Initiatives of a Leader

Living an optimal life is essential for me. As an educator and mentor, I work to help my students not think as I do but find her own truth. Not create “alternative facts”, but live authentically and in peace with herself.  

Like many of you, IG (Instagram) is my favorite spot. It’s a place to meet people from all over the world. This is especially true for creatives who desire fresh dialogue, and the introduction to ideas that have not yet been tangled with.

Recently,  while scrolling through the Gram, I came across a profile called CoconutsandHoney. I noticed that the owner of this profile and her family were amongst the dopest families that I’ve seen on IG, not only are they stylish, but they are also working on a conscious initiative, and seeking to fundraise. So I slid into their DM to learn more concerning what they are working on. Lawd, knows I love a good project and as the founder of Genre: Urban Arts, I’m all about supporting the urban creative in whatever ways I can.

Without missing a beat, CoconutsandHoney aka Tea got back to me to outline her seven initiatives.

In her own words:

A few days ago, I began outlining the specifics of what I hope to accomplish in 2017. As with any progressive movement, Designer Life has and will continue to evolve and adapt as necessary. Sharing these ambitions with all of you, no matter how lofty the goal may seem, is the beginning of something great.

My aim is to highlight imperative community and societal issues, relative to the ideals with which I inspire others.Kindness, gratitude, education, health & wellness, and a sense of community, unified for the common good are a few themes of this journey.

Essentially, I’ve taken 7 of the most important teachings and lifestyle choices I make in my own home with the goal of sharing them on a larger scale by turning them into charitable initiatives. The first 3 are aimed at generating consistent revenue to fund the last 4, which will be shared on a “need” basis and hopefully, will be supported solely by the hard work that I am investing and the philanthropy of others.

I want anyone who comes across these posts to understand, although I am asking for support to pursue these charitable goals, I am not by any means asking for handouts or implying that contribution is necessary. Minimum donations begin at $1.00, a minute monetary amount to create something for the common good of all, but again, no one is required to donate. Thank you again to anyone who chooses to donate to, support, or share this campaign. Your consistent backing throughout this process has been and will continue to be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As many of you may not understand the clear and concise objectives of Designer Life, having simply received only a broad overview of our plans, please continue to read below for details regarding our goals in 2017:

Focus on the positive development of yourself and how you can improve the world

By promoting self-awareness and identifying and developing personal strengths, we aim to empower individuals to live with purpose and exist in actualized happiness. Our belief is that individuals who are prepared to make a change for the better within themselves become individuals who make a change for the better in the world around them.


Empowerment for individuals to embrace self-expression

With the creation and introduction of our clothing and visual accessory line, we will promote and create awareness for the de-gendering of fashion. A large portion of who we are and what we share with others is based on a willingness to be 100% open and true to our identities. Our aim is to empower all individuals to do the same. As mothers raising children in a society that does not fully understand or embrace the necessity for acceptance and self-expression, we will continue our message of empowerment with a medium that speaks through our visual aesthetic. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of our lifestyle brand will be given directly to community and outreach programs that will continue to serve and perpetuate our message.


Find like-minded people and organizations to act in community outreach

Along with the clothing and accessories aimed at promoting brand and message awareness on a large scale, we are curating a monthly subscription box that will be a seamless continuation of our journey to self-love, self-awareness, health, and happiness. The boxes will include an array of hand-selected items that inspire wellness in both body and spirit. Brands, companies, designers, creators, and authors with a conscientious goal in mind will be given an opportunity to share their products with recipients across the country and eventually across the world while supporting funding for charitable organizations with the goal of giving back to the communities that need it most.

Participate in dialogue with others to delve into societal issues

In 2017, we would like to perpetuate the launch of our conscious lifestyle design concept by traveling throughout the country, hosting informal community meetings, support groups, networking events, and think-tanks, while collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs, and vocalizing our cause. Our goal is to draw as much attention as possible to relevant social issues by living as an example for the change we hope to see in our society. We intend to document the travel and turn it into a short film, highlighting the necessity for compassion to lead change in our community and others like it.

Collaboration with educators to educate youth to encourage empathy and inclusion

An integral part of what we do is derived from our life as a same-sex couple parenting two children in what can often be an unrelenting and unforgiving society. By partnering with local networks and individuals in similar situations, we plan to create educational platforms and support groups for parenting beyond public school. We aim to teach through real-life experience and cumulative input the value of kindness, generosity, love and acceptance. Ambitiously, we hope to create a home-schooling initiative that will provide a network of support for parents wanting to provide essential real-world learning to their children. We lack the expertise and formal education (as educators) to do this on our own, but we look forward to building a strong foundation and networking with others who are willing and able to lend their time.

Take responsibility for your physical nourishment

Along with the spiritual embodiment of our message, we will promote overall physical wellness by contributing time, funding, and labor to urban farming projects and initiatives. We believe people should own the keys to their own health and happiness, and that includes being able to sustain and support an all organic, all plant-based dietary regimen. Any vegan or vegetarian chefs and entrepreneurs interested in being a part of what we hope to create are urged to contact us. With appropriate funding, we intend to travel to any locations necessary and assist with implementing the resources to provide proper nutrition for future generations to come.

Create sanctuary for people in transition and those who are targeted because of sexuality

Since the inception of our brand and movement, we have had a multitude of interactions with young adults transitioning into their sexuality with little to no support. As a same-sex couple with a large following and the platform to do so, we plan to create a charitable organization to provide support to anyone lacking it during the “coming out”  process or beyond. Our goal is to curb feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness by providing an inclusive sanctuary for those who have been abused or retaliated against based on their sexuality. Any currently existing organizations looking to collaborate, or qualified individuals interested in participating, please contact us via email.

Finally, as a resounding theme underlying all that we have set out to accomplish, we hope to be ambassadors for our own LGBTQ community, inspiring others and leading as an example of the knowledge, success, and togetherness that we represent. In unison, we can reconstruct the prejudiced ideas that have and will continue to be leveraged against us, by standing in solidarity and support of one another.  

Based on our discussion, Tea through her seven initiatives endeavors to teach people to practice more empathy, which commingled with the current political environment cannot do any damage at all. She and her partner also serve as positive role models for parents, same-sex or otherwise. It is evident that they instill peace, kindness, and love into their two daughters.

If you are interested in assisting Tea with her fundraising efforts to assist society in living an optimal life, please send donations and support to her Kickstarter account:

All photo credit goes to @ectorjavierfoto