I was in the store, standing in the same spot as every day dressed in my best.
“Just another boring day”, I thought to myself. As if God waited for me to show my disappointment in him, he waltzed in, his sleek body and silky hair, dressed in black.
That was love at first sight for me.
Surprisingly enough, for him too because when his eyes landed on me he couldn’t focus on the world around him. He studied me for a while, from head to toe. As if reading my mind, he took me in his arms and we exchanged some unspoken words. And that’s how we first met. So unusual. But so dreamy.
Days, weeks, months and years passed by. With every second spent together, we grew closer. Our bond was stronger than ever. Oh, we were so high in love.
I was his “through thick and thin” companion. He had me with him in every happy and sad moment. Neither of us can forget the grey days and starless nights that he had me with him in to lend him a pair of ears and take out his frustration on. Sometimes, he took his anger out on me and I stayed silent, without a complaint because love was never just about the pleasant and happy days, was it?
Even after all these years, I still was his number one. I was his home. I had always wanted to be someone’s want, and I finally had him. I was his want and I couldn’t be happier.
I truly loved him. Which is why I always warned him about the risk that he’d be taking if he wanted me forever. But he never listened to me. He always said that our love was stronger than all these barriers that we had in between us. His words were promising enough to make me brush away the thought of losing each other.
But what is life without changes? Just when I wished for things to be the same, our world turned upside down. The world found out about our relationship and as expected, they failed to understand our love. They tore us apart. They took him away from me. I thought this was it. I thought I’d never get to see him again, be in his arms again, smell like him again and feel loved again. But true to his words, he came back to me. I thought that our love has won. I didn’t know what all had happened with him after we were separated and as much as I wanted to know everything, I also didn’t want to waste a second talking. I fell into his arms again. I wish I hadn’t because it was the last time I saw him. I didn’t know I’d do this to him. I didn’t know my love running through his veins would be lethal for him.
Taking in a single glass of my love, he took his last breath and left me forever.
And just like that, I was blamed for his death.
Because I wasn’t a human, I meant nothing.
I was just a bottle of wine, in need of love. But now I’m a murderer for I killed my love.