Let Love Shine


One thing I really hate about writing is writer’s block. On the other hand, I can say that whenever I go through writer’s block, I always feel as if I have come back stronger than before and with pieces just as strong. Getting out of writer’s block tends to be a long process for me. Where all of my poems are typed up, some poems do start written on a piece of paper and that is my cure to writer’s block. The relevance between writer’s block and this post is that I was actually experiencing it when I wrote this. With a very good friend of mine (of the Instagram kind) who was also experiencing writer’s block, we decided to collaborate. We exchanged a few lines and I was inspired by the ones she sent me and that is how “Let Love Shine” was born.

A lot of us experience the subject of the poem and a lot of the time we’re told it’s going to be okay. That phrase is repeated over and over again and we don’t want to hear because honestly, at that particular moment in time, you don’t feel like it will be. I believe that no matter what, first you should let yourself dwell on whatever it is you’re going through. Have a pity party. Grab a box of tissues, a tub of ice cream, put on some Nick Sparks films and enjoy wallowing in the pain. But only for so long. You need to know that, and I know you won’t want to listen to this just yet, but you’ll definitely be ready to hear that it’ll be okay.

I hope you enjoy this post and all of my other ones. Thank you for taking the time to read this.