Lessons From A Dragon: Story of Seth


   Have you ever spoke to a cow before? Like a real talk with a cow? What did he/she say? What’s He/she up to? What about a flower? Do you ever look at a Rose and think, “I wonder what your eyes have seen.” How can something so beautiful like a cow get so disrespected? Nature is who we are. “Cooperating with nature allows nature to cooperate with us.” Master Qi

   I was eighteen years old when I first realized There was more to this reality. It felt like an episode from Twilight Zone. I was on my way home from school when I saw it. It was a smoke mist. Not just any smoke mist. This mist was strange. This mist had an awareness of itself. This mist moved as if it knew it was moving. It followed me all the way to my house. It floated at the gate for about twenty seconds before flowing away with the wind. The mist followed me for about two weeks before I finally decided to approach it.

   “Are you following me?” I asked. I felt so stupid talking to a mist. Then suddenly, the mist rose up and flew right into me. It happened so fast I didn’t even realize that I had somehow ended up in my driveway. I was so freaked out all I could do was throw up. My body felt like it had been through so much. All I remember after that is waking up alone in the middle of a cave.

   I’ve never been so scared before. I didn’t know whether to panic from the thought of being drugged or the thought of being attacked by a bear. I was in so much shock that I began screaming at the air hoping the mist would reveal itself. The more upset I got, the more my body began to change

   My skin began to turn into smoke. It looked as if smoke was oozing out of my body. Suddenly my entire body was covered in smoke. It was almost as tho I was the smoke. Like somehow the mist had become apart of me. I began to understand the mist. I started to think as the mist. Within seconds my whole body vanished into thin air and formed together on the other side of the cave. I  teleported! The energy was like none I’ve ever felt. At last, I felt one with the earth.

  I continued to teleport back and forth to different sides of the cave until it became very instant. The more I practiced, the more I understood the mist. there was no limit to what I could do. I could send my eyes off and observe for me while I remained completely still. I could flow inside the cracks of the cave and literally become the cave.  Soon the old life I knew was completely foreign. nothing was the same.

   I went home about 4am. I didn’t want to wake anyone so I roamed around in mist form. I had always felt like the outcast of my family. I never really fit in with any of them. It was so peaceful when I wasn’t around. Everyone was sleep, it was quiet,  it seemed so calm. Cleaned my room and left. I didn’t leave a note or anything, I just left.  I flowed with the wind until I reached the Himalayas. Life for me began there.