Today I woke up to a hangry father
who had been awake for a few hours
but didn’t have anyone to cook for him
so instead of cooking breakfast for myself
I made sure his fragile ego was fed

Today I woke up to my mom
making breakfast for both of my brothers
before running out the door
I then made myself food
because unlike them I have to do everything on my own

Today I realized no matter how many achievements I have
no matter how much I follow the rules, the commandments
of this toxic community, I am home to
I will forever be beneath a male

I will be beneath him, despite us both working and being educated
and he will forever take credit for everything

today I have yelled, “Fuck it,” a million times in my head
for I am exhausted of being a woman
where the people preach religion
but follow the culture

and leave us all in gray confused spaces
where we then rise.

Today and every day I battle and battle
as a larki.

Photo Credits: @thepakistanimarthastewart

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