“You guys must think it’s easy being a wolf, huh? You must think we have it so good out here; like everything is just handed to us.”Hi, I’m P. I’m the older brother of Duck, but the younger brother of Mumu; I guess you could say I’m the middle brother. I’m the voice of the pack. I attract all the mates, I gather all of the food, I even scare away all the predators. I have a mesh colored fur, a combination of light and dark. Not only am I the bravest, I’m also the smartest; Duck and Mumu wouldn’t stand a chance without me.
Being a wolf isn’t all that bad; I mean we are pretty close to the lions. They think we’re funny. Sometimes they take our food, but they don’t mean us any harm. They just don’t find us a threat. Nothing about us scares them. They joke about how small we are, and they constantly remind us of our biggest threat, the hyenas. Let me remind you; the lions and hyenas really hate each other. They can’t stand one another. A while back under the leadership of kings Tiberius, the worst king in lion history, the lions killed and ate almost everything. Not only did the hyenas starve, but they were too weak to fight back against the lions.
The hyenas, on the other hand, they almost hated us more than the lions. They feel that over time we broke tides with them to get close to the lions, to ensure safety, or something like that. They swore to kill us all. My brothers and I killed about 5 of them. Thankfully we home near the Lucas brothers, the most vicious lion pack there is. If those hyenas came past that river, me and them Lucas brothers are going to make sure not one of them makes it back, and that’s a guarantee.
Duck; he’s my baby brother. He has the darkest fur. His howl isn’t as great as mine, but the kid can definitely sing. “P! Mumu! The Lions took my kill, let’s take them all out!” “The hyenas chased me away from the water, let’s torture them!”  The poor kid is a loss as the air talks a huge game, but can’t hurt a deer. He wasn’t all that smart either. It’s like he needs help with everything. But luckily he has me; a hyena killing, mate stealing, suave talking machine. There isn’t a situation I can’t get him out of; except the day he fought Keith from the Steiner pack and completely made a fool of us. The poor lad ran for his life. As he ran he yelled, ” Yeah chase me you big fatty, once you get tired I’m going to make sure you never use those teeth again.”
Mumu; that’s big bro. His fur is the brightest, white as snow. As the quiet but deadly one, he hardly speaks. He only says certain words like, “Shhh” or “Ears up.” I mean I swear I’ve only heard the guy talk those two times. Mumu is the type of wolf that will only hint at something one time before he acts. He doesn’t waste much time. Once he makes up his mind it’s time to move. One time Duck got bullied out of his kill by a hog, Mumu, just stood up and huffed. We didn’t know what he meant until he took off running. When we finally caught up to him, he was seconds away from taking on two full sized hogs. We came just in time to show those hogs some manners; lunch was great that day.
We taught each other everything. We learned from the lions, watching them helped us establish a way of life. Around the land, we are widely respected. Animals normally don’t mess with us. Except for those damn hyenas. They used their power to threaten the animals. They told them that if they are ever caught talking to us they would make their lives a living nightmare. So as you can imagine, it gets pretty strange when we go to the river for water.
Today we are going to the valley to visit the bush of fruits. It’s a risky journey, but definitely rewarding. Not only are their two packs of hyena in the valley, theirs bears, it stinks, and the valley is filled with snakes. These snakes have a bite that literally sends us in a daze. It makes everything around us look funny. It slows us down and makes it hard to focus. However, if we bring one of them to the family of bears they will grant us access to their lands. This journey definitely isn’t for the weak.
Now I know you’re thinking, “How bad is the feud between wolves and hyenas” well honestly it’s not that bad. We are pretty much equal, our battles are always balanced. We are very close, which is why they feel that we were together at one point. None the less, if we aren’t focused they could get the best of us. Luckily the families don’t home close to one another.
We make this trip every year. Most of our lifestyle comes from gathering up that juicy goodness. Since most animals can’t make the journey, because of all the predators, they hire us. Sometimes they pay us with portions of their kills; sometimes they bring water to our home. Bottom line is, getting this fruit makes us the richest pack on the land. The lions would voyage to the bush with us, but the bears still haven’t forgiven them for their past. Well! More fruit for us.
“P! Do you think the hyenas will be together this time?  I mean if they are we’re going to be in big trouble huh? I mean why can’t they just leave us alone? Don’t they have anything better to do?”  Duck cried as the journey began. “I mean why can’t we all just get along?” again he remarked. “Man I don’t know nothing about them hyenas!  One thing I do know is that if I even smell a hyena I’m killing everything in sight; I’m not gone hurt y’all though” I replied.
The start of the trip was pretty smooth. There was no trouble in sight, and Mumu found a pack of nesting rain beetles, the perfect snack for traveling. Not only do they fill your stomach, but they quench your thirst.
I knew something was wrong when I realized that Duck stopped talking. DUCK NEVER STOPS TALKING! “Yo Duck? You okay?  I asked. As soon as I asked Mumu immediately took off!  He caught a snake. This was kind of odd because we’d never caught a snake before we spotted the hyenas. “Nobody smelled hyena yet right?” Duck asked. “I hadn’t smelled hyena the whole trip” I replied. The fact that we hadn’t picked up their scent was strange.

Mumu had the snake pretty secure; still no scent of a hyena in sight, everything was calm. “Eyes up!” Mumu alerted. There it was. The smell of hyenas filled the air so much it choked me. “Shhh” Mumu whispered.  We took cover behind an old tree that fell a while back. “Ok, I’m going to check if I see anything,” I said. I was so angry.  The presence of hyenas made me sick. I looked over the tree and there they were; six of the ugliest hyenas I’d ever seen in my life. “Listen up y’all; it’s six of these ugly bastards over there. I say we just go for it.” I boldly stated. Then suddenly, “Well. Well. Well. If it isn’t the three wolves I ordered hours ago; I thought I was going to starve to death.”
I knew that voice anywhere.  The sound alone sent me into a rage. “Leon! I’m going to kill you!” I yelled. At that exact moment Mumu threw the snake he caught directly in the middle of their pack, it bit Leon right on the neck. The effects were instant. We had to fight, there was no other way. I quickly jumped to the top of the old tree and threw myself into the traffic of running hyenas. I was able to handle two of them by myself. As I whopped on them like my children, I noticed Mumu managed to send two hyenas rushing down the river. Mumu always fought smart. He used his brain, unlike me. I was wild. I embraced chaos.
So yeah, that’s five hyenas down, I know what you’re thinking “What type of pain is Duck bringing to that last hyena.” Well about that. Neither Duck nor the other hyena was in sight. It was pretty strange the first couple of seconds. The suspense was crazy.  Then what do you know, “Leave me alone you dirty dog! If you touch me I’ll kill you!” Duck screamed” we heard him from a mile away. He was being chased. “Oh look, he’s getting him tire for us,” Mumu said as he signaled for the attack. The fact that Mumu spoke surprised me so much, I completely forgot Duck was being chased.

We’d done it! We’d taken out all of the hyenas! And not to mention Leon was steal tripping from the snake bite. Everything seemed fine again, except we didn’t have a snake to bring to the bears. The snake that bit Leon was gone. The bears would never clear our entry without a payment. Without the snake our journey was over, we were all in disbelief. “Maybe if we talk to them and tell them what happened they would clear our entry, after all they have to understand our struggle right?” Duck commented. He was so optimistic. “Duck! Shut up! You know we can’t talk to them without a snake!” “Geez! Just shut up and let me figure this out like I always do!” I yelled. I got so frustrated with him. He never really seemed to grasp serious moments. “I sorry dude… It was just a thought, no need to get angry.” Duck replied as he walked off. I never saw him look so sad. It made everything so much worse. Once we realized the direction he went we quickly followed.
You know those times where you just can’t believe something? Well, this was one of those times. “Yo!! There y’all are!! The party was just getting dead” shouted Skyy, the leader of the bear family. He was happier than ever. Turns out they were loaded on snake poison. Due to the hyena packs joining, all the snakes were forced to move closer to the bears. The bears had unlimited access to snake poison, they no longer needed us to supply it. After hanging with us for a while, and getting extremely close to Mumu, Skyy guaranteed that we will never have to fear their Family again. He gave us permission to use the land as freely as we wanted, we could come and go as we pleased.
Everything turned out fine. We all made it home safe; we made new friends; Duck forgave me, and we got the fruit… It’s kind of cool how things can go if you just go with the flow.

The End