a poem by Cree Salvai

They snuck out to see each other one last time.
She felt weaker than she had ever felt before,
Like she lost all her power,
All her care in the world.
Without him she felt as though she were nothing,
That great fear of living an eternity
Was becoming more real with every fleeting moment.
He worshiped her like the goddess she was,
But kissed her as if she were more delicate than the flowers
they laid on.
Although they both knew they were doomed,
They let the moment be sweet,
For they could only be sweet for so much longer.
When they were together they shined,
It’s too bad they were the only ones to see the glow.
They had no control over anything,
They were young
And dreamers
And hopeful
This world is no world for dreamers like them.
Her parents didn’t care about those dreams
And neither did anyone else
But them.
They learned very early on that they would have to let go one
But they would live together in that kiss for eternity.

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