This poem started as a one-liner. I’m sure it would’ve been a great hit on my Instagram feed. Looking at this piece now, I actually could’ve made this into two different pieces, but I quite like this together too. I’ve written this poem many different ways and they’re all tucked away somewhere deep in the saved drafts of my Textgram app. This is all a part of my writing process. I develop an idea and sometimes it is developed and completed on the spot. Other times, it can take me days, weeks or even months! I’m always happy when I’m able to successfully complete an idea that has been forming in my mind for a long long time. Debris is left over bits of something that has been ruined and is mostly associated with buildings. I wanted to be different and so associated it with my favourite subject of all time, love. I love finding words that have no relevance whatsoever in love and connecting them.

I’m still trying to work out exactly what it is I loved about the subject of my poems, but I don’t think I even care anymore. I loved loving him, quietly in my little corner. He doesn’t know, at least I don’t think he does. Either way, I love remembering how I loved him. I didn’t need to do much really. As long as I listened to him when he talked, answered the phone when he called and agreed to see him when he wanted. He was happy, I was happy. Kind of. I’m rambling now and I’m not sure if this makes sense anymore! I guess I’m only articulate in my poems and not the descriptions.!


Happy reading and thank you for you time lovely people!