Indomitable Woman

that badass Black Queen
fluttered across those keys,
matching the grooves of her
scars, the heart of her art
beaming at war

scaling buildings of thought,
mauling the gaul of contention,
shattering mirrors of sought
insecurities & indecision

skipping across the creamy
dusts of nebulas, tapping
the tips of her toes on
starry mists.

speaking easy while
swallowing fraud & corruption,
making phantoms of
amateurs leeching off her
soul’s potential.

That woman raises plants,
she carries those babes in
the shallow fissures of Winter,
toting magic, piping smoke
off icebergs during Summer,

Melting into them,
becoming running water,
music flowing from the temples
of her fingertips
in all she does & did,

the moon grazing on her Black skin,
pints of blood entitling her to
humanity’s continuity,

having nothing to do with physicality,
because she stepped
out of her body often
after unzipping her flesh,
freeing her whole spirit.

Blasting boatloads of blasphemy,
calming catastrophe while chilling
& hurling storms back out to her seas,

embodying coldness,
Growing Earth just by being
the meek breeze breathing
Life into the meadows of tomorrow.



Photo by Samantha Qeja on Unsplash

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