a poem by Nakeysha Roberts Washington 

Fragmented truths skew logic.

When Marxist ideologies falter,

take up an existentialist perspective

–Everyone is out for self. 

Don’t let those inviting smiles fool you. 

There is only one person you can depend on

and she can hear your interior thoughts.

She knows your Modus operandi so thoroughly

She snatches your hand and guides you through what you’ve cognitively outlined as your first steps.

Don’t let the whispers distract you

because they’ll try to 

Stop you at the beginning

There is not winning 

if you never get in position when the

Runner. Mark. Set. Go. 

Bullets in flight-

And you try to, but it’s all too tangled:

Enveloped, intertwined.

Mixed truths and lies

–Everyone is out for self.