I am a goddess

a poem by Livity, the Poet

I am a goddess

Infinite in all my ways

I transcend all mortal concept of beauty, power, or strength

Transmute through every aspect of what a woman can be and should be

I am a goddess

Worth my weight and more in gold

Worth so high, most can’t afford me

Admit they are out of my celestial plane

I am a goddess

Write your songs and poetry to honor me

I am the prime example; the pivotal aspiration

The one of whom molds are made

I am a goddess

I command beyond my years

My vision is beyond the deepest cosmos

My hands build kingdoms

My feet straddle the continents

I am a goddess

There is a deep, golden well inside of me

Filled by the Divine

My spiritual element is uncommonly possessed

I am a goddess

A vessel for expression

That will shake your dungeon

Rattle your walls

Heal your wounds

Awaken your senses

I am a goddess

My glory glows as the many moons surrounding Jupiter

My abounding beauty shines like Helio’s chariot after the darkest of nights

My brilliance beams brighter than Sirius in all his inherent luminosity

I am a goddess

My loveliness spans the Earth’s meridian

I am regal, peaceful, ideal, pure

I am fierce, stunning

I am love, I am eternity

I am fearless

I am livity

I am a goddess 

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