Heavy Eyelids

Spending days in a daze
of windowless monotony,
absentmindedly existing,
horizontally wondering
why I can’t be wandering
trying to find the words to
coerce my voice to triumph
above the noise within me.
Beyond the symphonies
of high-pitched flutters,
forcing my attention away
from what really matters,
it was so easy to accept the
liquid that put my mind
at ease, that erased any trace
of actual, true-to-life peace.
Fortunately, when I was
in too deep, you consistently
delivered to me, love, yes,
but the promise of devotion
for eternity. Reminding me
of my beauty, strength, and
tenacity, gently commanding
me to peek at my worth and
see that my life deserves more
than what I was able to see.



Photo Credit: Lanaya