Grounded in Coffee

You are the most respectable, delectable, unforgettable
So what’s all the fuss about?
It is undoubtedly a calamity –
An explosion –
To help me go on until I doze off –
Crash into a bus –
The music was hype
I have a way with words for a while. Or that’s what I think.
And as they sprout from my lips, if I’ve sipped too much, then I trip over them, crashing into my ego
Another gulp calms me soon
I can wax philosophical quandaries, real talk with the homies, or listen bountifully with such intensions as to help with answers that were yet written
– “The keyword, my friend, is we, not just you or him.”
Another gulp calms me soon
Another gulp calms me quick
Another just for luck
I’m forgetting to think
It’s more about instinct
Would I have done the same without enhancing my performance?
No time to think, just dance at work, work, work, work, WORK
Dragging ass, headache blasting, sounding like commotion aboard a locomotive
Lagging bombastically, red eyes, confounding toward slow motion
So much time to think, I can’t stop it, even when I lie down I’ve lost it
Twisting and turning, yearning for slumber land so that my body can find strength
Yawning, I’m wanting something, I’m nothing without a frothing coffee
And a donut
Before you know it

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