You want a revelation.


Dancing around vacant
streets with graffiti-lined
walls. Tears as blue drops,
plastered on muted concrete.


I want a revolution.


Ask me how I escape.
Ask me how I forgive.
How I gather my heart
like a grizzly, desperate
for hibernation.

Ask me how I sleep.
(Not next to you).
Dreamless, & on a bed of nails
with pillows of prayer & curtains
of burning dawn.

Ask me how the house still stands,
bleeding with your ghost.
I’ve taken a shotgun to the cabinets.
I’ve hidden bullets in the drawers.
I use the ice cream scoop to measure
out borrowed silence. I use the mailbox
to barter with broken time.


There is a bridge my heart jumps
off, just to feel alive.

Ask me how the water feels.
Ask me how I dance with the fish.

I use my bare hands as bait.
I dangle my limbs for the taking.
Ask me if I hesitate before takeoff.
Watch as I never second guess the fall.


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo