God Is A Black Femme

God Is A Black Femme

God is a Black Femme Her faith is strong and permeated, and she is bound in strength and love. It’s hard to be a woman, but can you imagine the burden as a BLACK woman? Being demonized, sexualized, prejudged at your roots, and historically traumatized? Being told you’re too dark, being told you have a bad attitude and a harsh cold heart? Being mistreated within society and even by some in our own community. Yet we still thrive and still rise to power in all our ingenuity. We keep our integrity, and we keep our heads a spear. Despite all of the pain and suffering over the years.

You can’t tell me God isn’t a black woman, draped in melanin. Spirit painted gold with a wrath you can dread. Feared by many to the point of imitation. Her culture being adorned over all the nations. The black woman is the root, and that is the root of all life.

A black woman defines heartache and strife and realigns it in her right. A black woman will cry, and maybe even wish to die, but still stand high. Don’t get it twisted… Even though she is strong. A woman of her caliber knows when to be vulnerable.

She’s no superwoman, though she is close, she still holds the flesh of a mortal.

Her intuition sharp as the cutting edge of a knife. Those who try to pull the curtain over her head better think twice. The older she is, the more her mind is wise. Uprooted in young naivety, but she learns through her trials.

Black ebony woman chiseled golden in every shape and form.

The earth knew nothing greater before the black woman was born…