Glow, Black!✨

Black glows in the dark
as imitation dry heaves,
leaving guilt on its sleeves
wiping white illness on walls,

kneeling with greed in
its knees, not realizing
where it’s coming from or
the fact that Black is entitled
to no one but Her people.

Black glazed rapture,
painting with glow dripping
from their hands and their
actions before, during & after,

Smearing magic and rhythm
of all motions and nations in
hip revolutions & revelations with
Life at their command.low,

Moving, shifting & framing maps
taking stands, collecting galaxies
returning to land to stamp out
all the hate beneath them,

wreaking of nature and glow
others mislabel as weapons
ohhh, but that’s just deception,
indeed, to their own tune as always,

attempting to sweep Black glow
out of the room, out of the way,
Yet too foolish to look at their
hands bloodied by it.

slipping into the regret of
quick sand.

it’s too late for remorse,
now there’s no choice
but to be surrounded,
to be gasping for air
yet & still reaching for Black glow,

ignored by most but
felt by all,
fists in the air and in faces,
right where they belong

being history, majestic influence
even in ruin.

Black, be global.
Black, be vocal.
Black, be open.
Black, be mean.
Black, be seen.
Black, remember your gleam.

Glow, Black!



Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash