Giving Tuesday: The Story Collider

Hey, Genre Fam!

I want to take a moment to shout out my favorite podcast, the Story Collider that I love SO much, I became a producer. We are kicking off a a Patreon initiative.

Donate to the Story Collider Patreon.

Welcome to the Story Collider, where we bring you true, personal stories about science!

Since 2010, we have been producing live storytelling shows about science all around the world, and sharing a selection of those stories via our weekly podcast. Our mission? To show, through the power of storytelling, that science affects everyone’s life in some way, and that it belongs to EVERYONE.

Back in the early days, there were just a few of us, spending our nights, weekends, and precious few vacation days — not to mention our own cash — on this labor of love. Now, as we approach our 10 Year Anniversary (?!?!?!) in May 2020, we’re fortunate to have an entire team spread out around the globe, and hundreds of shows under our belt. We’ve grown, A LOT, in every way. And though our funding situation is more stable these days, we strive to keep our ticket prices low and our podcast free while still continuing to make both as accessible and inclusive as we can.

Your contributions on Patreon help us invest in things like:

  • Hiring ASL interpreters, renting wheelchair ramps, paying for transcription, and otherwise making sure our shows and podcast are accessible .
  • Building up our travel budget so that we can bring storytellers from remote areas or parts of the US, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand that are less represented in discussions about science.
  • Maintaining funds for honoraria, so that we can reward storytellers’ artistic contributions.

In other words: Your contributions help us make our shows and podcast more inclusive, more rewarding, and just BETTER!

And that’s important to us. Because we love these stories and the way they’ve touched us, made us laugh, and broken our hearts over the past ten years — but also because these stories have POWER. And several scientists have begun researching that power. For example, in 2016, Dr. Jeff Schinske published research showing that community college students who listened to Story Collider stories over the course of a semester expressed more of an interest in science, reported that they could see more of a future for themselves in science, and even got a better grade in the class. That tells us what we have always believed since we wrote our original mission statement — that these stories have incredible power to transform our perception of who science belongs to. As we gear up for our celebration of 10 Years of Science Stories, we couldn’t be more excited to continue this mission for another decade — with the help of all of you!

Thank you for your support!

Erin, Liz, and the rest of the Story Collider team