“FOR MY GIRLS” by Michelle Mangal

When I wake in the pale grey light
my heart is calm
my head is filled with thoughts and wistful yearning
thoughts of words and girls that mean so much to me
for I am a mistress of all trades and master of none
except one.

I know that you have lived many lives
and sometimes your lives seem to narrow
like the dark London streets you walk in
You’ve got an old head and young shoulders
You won’t sink but can’t really swim.
Sister, aunty, daughter, mother.
I talk, and I tell you this:
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And you are beautiful to me
Your many lives may take time to outgrow
but you have already walked thousands of miles
and you have slipped the mantle of adversity
from your slight, sagging shoulders
You know love.
That is the biggest gift anyone can have.

So, when you feel weary and blue
Your inner skies seem grey
Remember the blood of royalty runs in your veins
You have already lived more than one woman’s life
and survived.
That is your strength and
your anchor.
Never let a man tell you who you are and
what you are not.
Don’t listen to the lies in your head
or words from people who do not truly love you.
Give yourself a blank page every day.
Smile again.
In time you will give your gift to the world
As I give these small, humble words to you.

(Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash)