#GenreThrowBack 53206

a poem by Nickolas Maury

A young man already smokes and drinks
so he got a strong liver
I asked him what’s his
two favorite words
He said, “Gun & Trigger.”
Kids leave their homes
to be left alone
I wish life lessons
could be taught through
Rosetta Stone
so it can teach us
the ways evil reaches us
The cops never believe us
because we black
and because they’re racist.
End up in court looking like nothing
and looking at nothing
because the judge is faceless.
Never thought it would be a bother
that I didn’t have a father,
but I can’t let anyone get close to me
Feel like those closest to me
don’t even know me
Fears of abandonment
because anyone can up
and leave with no answer.
My heart is hard
& I ain’t taking no chances.
Cold, hard cash
holds hands with me
fleeting glimpses in the mirror knowing
no one is perfect
and when your own dad don’t want you,
it’s easy to feel worthless
Thank God for my Mama.
If it wasn’t for that woman,
I’d be caught up in drama

I swear it get worse
I was 14 on my knees
looking under the sink
Picked up a bottle of bleach
and wondered what would happen
if I took a drink.
I’m praying to the Lord:
Take me out this madness.
Life is like a test
just hope that I pass it.
Milwaukee Officers
really are tourist.
Enter these neighborhoods
and decrease the progression
of the poorest
“Never have regrets,”
that’s what my mother said.
“Another black boy dead,”
that’s what my mother read
on the news
In the hood, we have the blues.
We all see the same paper,
but from different views
Look into my eyes
You cannot comprehend my perception
infiltrated by homicides
and my brothers up in prison (free B)
You spent your life in jail
Tell me why you living?
Up in church on Sunday
Don’t forget to tell God
about your side life you’ve been living
It has to get better
I know we’re fed up
But like Pac said,
“gotta keep your head up”
and also never settle
because it ain’t gone be like this forever

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