It’s time for a new challenge….This time the focus is SPOKEN WORD! The #GenreSpokenWord challenge is being hosted by @genreurbanarts & the creator of the challenge yours truly @thatguywhowrote! The rules for the challenge are as follows:

⁃Any topic can be used

⁃One minute max (no multiple posts)

⁃The challenge will run from June 10th – 18th

⁃Make sure that you follow/tag @genreurbanarts & @thatguywhowrote and use the tag #GenreSpokenWord in your submission

⁃Make sure to follow our Youtube page in my bio

The winners will be announced the following Thursday after judging and will be featured on the Genre: Urban Arts IG page, blog, and Youtube page! Winners will be featured on my page as well! I really urge you all to participate as we want to hear all of your beautiful voices! Please make sure to check us out at https://www.genreurbanarts.com. We have so many awesome contributors and pieces; we would really love for you guys to be a part of it!