Genre: Urban Arts @Bowery Poetry Featuring Ricardo Hanley, Jr

Genre: Urban Arts will be at Bowery Poetry in NYC where we are having our No. 4 Print launch on June 24th, 3:30- 5pm. We will have visual art, spoken-word, live music, and other performance arts.

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A father, author, and artist. He is a man who deems truths above all things and strives to embody that belief in his everyday life. He is a writer who reflects all facets of living-realities and tangible dreams.

He has released a book of poetry and prose entitled, “Silence Conceiving Symphonies, My Imprints of Existence”. Read about his visions for this book and view “Trump Card” below.

The contents of Silence Conceiving Symphonies, My Imprints of Existence is my first book, which has sprung from my depths like a mother with child. This is a compilation of 29 years of experience humbly lived. I’m honored that this text is within your line of sight. May our thoughts reciprocate a propelling force of understanding that translates into actions of progression. May the contents of this book find the right person who needs to hear it, who needs to see it, feel it, connect and progress. This work is dedicated to all my family and friends who helped me along my path. Whether it was just a brief time knowing you or a long history we’ve shared, you have all added to my growth and I’m thankful to you. I hope you enjoy reading my first book as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is my gift to this world, receive me.