“Fishbowl” by Sarah James

I am tired of this fishbowl.
You have a clear view of the world but you can’t touch it.
You’re born with opportunities even when you’re not handed any.
You hit one bump in the road and give up.
Hands up.
You say you have no choice when you have plenty
You don’t want to work for a better life because you feel like you are owed.
I’m tired of this fishbowl

You’re fed so many lies dropping from above you’re missing all your life,
Focused on apparitions of the visions that you’re fed.
This gives you cancer that gives you cancer,
No matter what path is taken – you’re dead.
You say that only the best go belly up too soon,
But where were you when they were still here?
Caught up in your selfish mind
You wish you would have spent more time,
Saying the things, they needed to hear.
Actions speak louder than words but actions also raise fear.
Discrimination and rejection only equates to humiliation.
You’re so worried about the judgement you’ll receive
That’s why you bite your tongue until it bleeds.
I’m tired of this fishbowl
So many fish in the sea and none of them are truly free.

(Photo by kazuend on Unsplash)