Featured Artist: Jaelen Isis

Come view works by Jaelen Isis at Woodland Pattern BookCenter on February 24th, 2018, 6-9pm.

I am a watercolor painter located in Chicago. I specializing in portraiture and mixed media. Watercolor brings forth an emotion to the eye; whatever the piece of art may be, the observer instantly feels a connection as an effect to the natural movements of the paint. The versatility of watercolor contributes to the color, detail, and movement of my pieces. 


In my paintings, I portray men, women, young people, people of color, etc. in relation to the stereotypes frequently attached to them. Using mixed media (if you look closely) you see illustrations hidden within the colors and lines of the background and foreground of each piece.

My inspiration behind this technique stems from my favorite artist, Kehinde Wiley.The detailing of the illustrations are camouflaged with intent; stereotypical profiles are often thought of or whispered about but are rarely (if ever) overt. Through my painting process, I often know where I will start but do not always know where I will end, and that is what I love about art; you never know where the journey will take you.


Visit her IG at @Jaelen_isis.