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Epic Shit: The Carter V

There are so many moments on The Carter V. I am three listens in, and I know that this is a forever album that I will be playing at socially unacceptable levels at least into my 90s, into the PhD program and out of it. #DrKeysha

I can’t even front. My life has been hella nuts lately. I have lost two of my closest people. I watched my momma kick cancer’s ass while holding my own tears back because we don’t cry. I left jobs and took jobs. Watched people lie to my face. This week, I just dealt with the impact of someone else’s “good intentions” that devastated my world.

All of this, my business is going ham, but I can’t even focus on it because my world is virtually falling apart like a fucking dream in Inception, and I ain’t even waking up.

All of that I got to forget for a while I pressed play because my love dropped The Carter V. *imagine heart eye emoji* I was off of work today. I danced with my dog. *Imagine shrug emoji* I have loved Wayne since some point in the mid-90s and that shit ain’t changed now. I am lost in his music and I am dancing and I am listening for his clever wordplay and I am thankful for escapism.

I need to get lost in bass and words. #urbanarts


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