Does Size Matter?

Damn fucking right it does.  The size of the ego is everything.  I know…I know. You probably thought I was going to take that on a whole different jerker’s curve…tee hee.

But seriously, ego is a hard thing to reconcile…yours, mine and everyone’s.   It’s awkward.  

I’m not saying a decently sized dick isn’t a good time for everyone…but I would definitely argue that the ego attached to the dick meeting my ego and successfully high-fiving is more the issue or challenge at hand.  Cause despite the physical, aren’t we all just egos perceiving other egos and resolving and filing them away in a caste system based on doucheyness. Maybe it’s just me… and excuse my corniness here…but everyone is always sizing up everyone else.

I’m pretty sure I may be the only one obsessing over this.  Analyzing it while people-watching to the point where I feel like I can pinpoint the size of their ego just I can’t not not fall down at the same time.  I’d like to think I’m not a least outwardly…inside I’m pretty much telling myself off on a near constant basis.

I definitely have fleeting moments of “Yea…that’s right you’re a bad bitch” and then I’ll snot rocket all over my shirt with a surprise sneeze. So where does the source of ego reside?  Guys with hefty members, for example, often have complexes about being prized for their tripod physicality. While guys who lack physically can be quite cocky about their well honed vaginal skills.  Brings new meaning to the term napoleon complex while my ego takes a blow as I internally slut shame myself for my experience with a plethora of dicks.

And then there are archetypes of ideal masculine embodiment such as Jon Hamm…everyone knows he’s got a tremendous cock…he knows everyone knows too but he’s super savvy because his ego is proportional…therefore he’s smooth and doesn’t come off as douchey in the least.  Maybe it’s more that he just give zero fucks. Unfortunately, I give a lot of fucks or at least give a lot of thought to all the fucks. I’d like to rock out with my cock out…as my ego prompts me to do…but I’m stuck with lady parts so likely I don’t have the wherewithal to entertain my ego.  Either way, everyone gets off…ha!