The Definition Series: Attached


Some may ask the purpose of this definition series and being completely honest, I’m not sure how I would answer that question. As all of my other poems, these poems all formed in my mind in the way I present them and in this case, they presented themselves as definitions. However, my definitions are not of the words per se. They are more the literalisation of the words in the form of my story. She is always me and Him is always well, him. He always used to use this word ‘attached’ and I hated it, still do as a matter of fact. He always told me that he didn’t want me to get attached yet everything he did was contradictory. So this word was always hanging above our heads, silent, looming. This poem in the series is the truth we never wanted to admit to ourselves. I did, eventually. Only to myself, however, I couldn’t give him that satisfaction. I’ll leave you guys with this one before I get any deeper and any more emotional.

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and keep and eye out for more.