Deep in the Pockets of the Past.

She often indulges in
the usual nighttime banes,
and has rejected,
several times, to obtain
a peaceful physique–
a hushed brain.

Trying to camouflage
all the thoughts,
there’s no way
they don’t protrude, and course
through her mind, veins
pulsing and taught.

She feels she’s becoming
harder to trace,
retreating to a hidden place,
at a frighteningly brisk pace,

as her joy begins to twist,
she feels a twinge (of hope),
that turns tawdry,
as it haughtily
escapes her fractured lips.

It isn’t that she is
unaware of the hurt,
but life has shown,
that her heart tends
to overthrow
the logic, and revert.

It seems

it is extremely unlikely
that this shade of fiction
will end up her reality,
but long ago, deep
in the pockets of the past,
she realized that this love
will always be nestled
in the crook of her soul.