Curtis Lavon

a poem by Tiffany Riddick 

Latin idem, for same

To identify is to recognize
Now that Latin is no longer spoken words have taken a new token
Let me read your rights 

which is to remain silent when YHWH speaks whispers and screams love
In the court of God’s law everything is destined  for the good that love Him
You have the right to seek counsel when charges are brought against your existence
know that you are linked to Alpha and Omega
I’m off the tower of Babel
this internal language unraveled
So before the judge slams the gavel on this trial
I’m filing a motion of continuance to present evidence for this mysterious case of identity of self

Identity is a weed always breaking through concrete
gravel yields to your majesty
No chains formulated within history can destroy God’s seed.

Identity is a two headed monster
in one vein you’re singled out, in another you are linked to something
No bars set of this world bind what’s instilled within you
Having identity yields miracles
David overpowers giant
Hebrew boys standing in fiery furnace
Daniel slept among lions, their fur made for pillow.
in all creation your image reflects deity
You are YHWS pinpoint
He’s not the “author of confusion” saints say so
you are ink, black
you are the absorption of every primary color in the book of life you decorate the pages

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