a poem by Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs

I have a confession to make
I think I am scared of myself
Not my full self
But that one part of me

The part that is not afraid
To ride without the seatbelt on
The part of me that is assertive
And asks the guy at the bar for his number

The part of of me that likes letting go
Because I like the feeling of losing control
The part of me who gives that look
Because I know I can get whatever I want

The part of me who breaks down
Because I can admit to being overwhelmed
The part of me that punches walls
Because I am so chained with anger

I am scared of that part of me
The part of me who seems to not care
About the opinions of others
It just cares about me

That part of me has showed me
I am not only good
I am bad
I am many things

I might like safety
But I crave adrenaline
I am modest
But I am also sexy

I need to be in control
But I do not mind losing it
I work hard for my future
But I want to seize the now

That part of me
Is filled with so much uncertainty
But maybe my full safe
Comes from embracing her too

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