For Colored Men Only, Maybe


You forced your roots into holy land
Previously named, now stolen land
Watered by the blood of flogged backs
Of royalty now clothed in potato sacks
Blood sticky in rebellion wanted to rebuff
The pull from the deprived soil sho’nuff
The exchange of wet to dry, impossible to resist
So the stolen land gave the stolen blood a kiss

And what of the seeds so long ago sewn?
Took one sip…of that not so holy water
And strange fruit from strange trees was born
Know as one-drop sons, tear drop daughters
Seeds of thieves, murderers and rapists
Carry burdens passed down so long ago
Blue eyes paired with brown skin…escapists?
From consequences of the new Jim Crow?

No, not hardly you see, not for girls like me
With enough of Africa to break free
Out of my skin, my hair, my mind…especially
A constant reminder of snatched away creeds
Of stolen lands and stolen seeds
So much so, my very own barely looks at me
Self love, self respect and adoration we all preach
But what of all this?
When he refuses to hang even his hat…on my tree?