You come home from an aggressive day
when it feels like even the walls are barking at you
and you go to your room
take off your clothes, strip away the armor of outside
and sit, and sit and try to not cry
till it all rains out
it rains and it rains


and I just wonder
how long
how long can this go on
and so I sit there leaning my back against the wall
trying to not scream, not let the fire burn me too much


because I don’t have a house all to myself
because this is still life and I can’t
let out these inner cuts show too much


and I remember the past
the words come back to me
and cut me more
my heart bleeds a bit more


bus, mere dil ne jawab de diya
maine jawab de diya
aaj ke liye bus
ab takh gai hoon
not today


Kambal do
aur mujhe chup ne do
thori der ke liye
thori der me apne dhook me bhet jaoon


tonight I’m calling it quits for a little bit
not breakaway
just quit
just be on my own island
and drown in my exhaustion
in my sorrow


aaj mere dil mere badan ne jawab de diya